Reinventing Touchless

aeroTAP evo

With aeroTAP Touchless interface, you can operate devices with your palm action made towards the aeroTAP camera. aeroTAP Touchless Interface works with any existing application. aeroTAP enables users to interact with simple gestures and it doesn't require development or modification.
Let's transform your system to touchless with aeroTAP!

"aeroTAP Touchless Interface contributes to the creation of a safe and comfortable society."

nextEDGE Technology K.K.

for KIOSK Device

aeroTAP can be used as interface for KIOSK device

for Surgery Room

aeroTAP touchless operation makes the surgery room safe and hygienic.

for Presentation

aeroTAP makes presentation more effective

for E-Signage

aeroTAP makes existing touch panel system to a touchless system

for Drone/Robot

aeroTAP technology can be implemented to Drone/Robot's interface

for Smart Home

aeroTAP makes Smart Home more comfortable

for Smart Door

aeroTAP can offer secure and touchless automatic door system

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