aeroTAP Evolution!

aeroTAP enables touchless operation of existing systems

It's an aeroMagic!

With aeroTAP Touchless interface, you can interact with devices by your palm toward the aeroTAP camera. aeroTAP works with any existing application. aeroTAP enables users to interact with simple gestures without using mouse or keyboard.

There are many places where aeroTAP Touchless Interface is needed.

■ If you want to transform existing application to touchless system.
Ex) Medical Operation room, Factory, Clean Room system.

■ If you want to develop touchless system using your preferred development language.
Ex) Gaming, E-Signage application

■ If you want to interact with your VR/AR content by touchless
Ex) VR/AR/MR, E-Signage

■ If you want to develop new system with touchless
Ex) Implementation to appliance, Smart Device

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Advanced technologies:

Low CPU Consumption,USB2.0/3.0(No High Spec PC required)

No development required. Make existing system to touchless

Simple Palm tracking(No Skeleton required)

Ability for adapating to various situations

Skeleton Tracking Middleware for aeroTAP 3D Camera

Skeleton Tracking Middleware enables user to develop VTuber, Avatar Interface, E-Signage, Gaming contents using Skeleton and Face tracking.

Easy to use with low cost solution for V-Tube Avatar development.

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aeroTAP 3D USB Camera (Stereovision 3D Sensor)

For ADAS、SLAM. Personal Mobility, Robots,AI, IoT, VR/MR and Smart Device development, we produce 3D sensor to meet your requirements.

aeroTAP 3D USB Camera (3cm Baseline)
Baselline 3cm, Depth Range: 25cm to 2.5m
Interface USB2.0/USB3.0 MicroB Female
Depth Map 320x240、640x480、640x400*1
*1 Needs Optional setting
Color Image 320x240 to 1280x720
Image Sensor 1296x812
Shutter type rolling
Sensor Size 1/4 inch
FPS 3/10/15/30/60
Power USB Bus Power(5V/500mA, 5V/600mA)
FOV 63.2
Lens Type Type A with IR cut filter
type B without IR cut filter
Others UVC1.1 Compatible
Sync left/right image, rectified
aeroTAP 3D USB Camera GS (6cm Baseline)
Baseline 6cm, Depth Range: 25cm to 4.5m
Interface USB2.0/USB3.0 MicroB Female
Depth Map 640x480、1280x720
Color Image 640x480 to 1280x720
Image Sensor 1280x972
Shutter Type Global Shutter
Sensor Size 1/3 inch
FPS 3/10/15/30/60
Power USB Bus Power(5V/500mA, 5V/800mA)
FOV 80
Lens Type Dual Band IR Cut Filter
Others UVC1.1 Compatible
Left/Right image sync.
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aeroTAP Ver. 5 Preview

aeroTAP Evolution Ver. 5.86 Released
aeroTAP Evolution Ver. 5.85 Released
aeroTAP Evolution Ver. 5.84 Released
aeroTAP Evolution Ver. 5.80 Released
aeroTAP Evolution Ver. 5.78 Released
aeroTAP Evolution Ver. 5.76 Released
NuiTrack for aeroTAP Released
aeroTAP Evolution Ver. 5.64 Released
aeroTAP Evolution Ver. 5.48 Released
aeroTAP Evolution Ver. 5.42 Released
aeroTAP Evolution Ver. 5.22 Released
aeroTAP Evolution Ver. 5.20 Released
aeroTAP Evolution Ver. 5.17 Released
aeroTAP Evolution Ver. 5.10 Released
aeroTAP3D USB Camera/aeroTAP Ver.5 Start delivering to business partners
Pre-order aeroTAP 3D camera at CAMPFIRE start
aeroTAP site renewal
A dedicated 3D camera for aeroTAP had displayed in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016
aeroTAP Hybrid 4.0 initialing distribution (the first release of Hybrid version)
aeroTAP Hybrid 4.0 initialing distribution (the first release of Hybrid version)
Press release at TCI on 20th October in 2009
aeroTAP 1.0 Public Beta Version
Test operation of aeroTAP Web site start

Touchless Interface

Touchless gesture from a remote location to interact with large display. Switching contents will be available in response to user’s motion.

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Interactive Digital Contents

Interactive digital contents with aeroTAP technology will be provided.

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Medical and Healthcare Devices

aeroTAP touchless interface supports operations of devices in the field of advanced medical technology.

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aeroTAP touchless interface supports presentation, electronic blackboard and video conference system.

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