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A tried-and-true aeroTAP in various scenes!

About aeroTAP...

aeroTAP solution consist of Palm tracking Touchless Interface and 3D Sensor using unique Stereo Vision 3D sensors developed by nextEDGE Technology K.K.
In particular, the aeroTAP touchless interface is an unprecedented interface designed as an interface.
Stereo vision type 3D sensors are expected to be used in many new technological fields and we will support the use for their applications.

aeroTAP Touchless Interface design concept

Minimum resource consumption

aeroTAP is a interface to connect a person and a device. The role for interface is to support the main figure such as the application. aeroTAP Evolution is designed to keep the resource consumption such as CPU of the computer as low as possible with an effective performance. It also provides intuitive touchless operation according to the type of content you use.

"Make it touchless with aeroTAP..."
It is no longer needed to develop an exclusive application for touchless operation and you can transfer the same application you have already been using to touchless.

The resource consumption, which we recently measured, decreased compared to the previous results, while the performance increased. For example, Intel i3 CPU is 5%-10%, Intel i7 CPU is below 5%. In the idle state, Intel i3 is below 5% It can also be used with stick PCs and tablet PCs.

Simple operation and gesture definition

In addition to operation with mouse and keyboard, interface assistant features which will help you operate the application more easily and intuitively.

SideIn gesture will provide switching/closing applications or loading specific applications more easily.
Virtual button will make operation much easier.
Virtual scrollbar enables you to operate scroll up/down, zoom in/out action with one hand.
Palm gesture, Rotate, Flip and Tap and Drag will make intuitive action.

Enabling touchless access

■ Web contents such as HTML/JavaScript
■ 3D Contents/VR contents developed by Unity
■ Touch Panel based application
Others. makes more easy access to existing applications

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aeroTAP 3D USB camera (Stereo Vision 3D Sensor)

aeroTAP 3D USB camera can scrape real time stereo images and depth images. aeroTAP can attach multiple 3D camera at the same time without putting extra load on CPU. It is available for IoT device, development of digital contents, real time 3D reconstruction and development of touchless interface.

Usage Example - Object Detection and tracking

aeroTAP 3D USB Camera SDK (Windows OS). Width USB 2.0, capture 640x480 Depth Map at 30 FPS Detect object within 2.5m distance from camera. Object's size (rectangle), gravity center (x,y,z), and peak point (x,y,z)
Detect object within 50cm distance from camera.

Usage Example - 3D Point Cloud

Capture Color image and depth map from aeroTAP 3D USB camera, and process 3D points cloud after 3D noise reductions (Post Process)

About development environment

To make an existing application touchless using aeroTAP Evolution, you can do so without changing the application.

When using 3D point cloud data on Windows OS, use SDK or OpenNI2 driver which are both free of charge.

For Linux (Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi2/3), please use the sample code.

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aeroTAP 3D USB Camera Technical Specifications

aeroTAP 3D USB Camera (3cm base line)
Product Name aeroTAP 3D USB Camera
Interface USB2.0/3.0, MIPI connector USB3.0  MicroUSB female terminal
UVC Video Device Name aeroTAP 3D USB Camera
Vendor ID nextEDGE Technology
Sensor resolution, Size 1280x800, 1/4
View angle FOV (DEG), Diagonal 63.2(H), 42(V), 71.4°(±3%)
FNO 2.8±5%
EFL(Effective Focal Length) 3.11mm
Mount Dimension M6 x P0.35 mm
TV-Distortion ≦ 1.5%
Measurable range of depth 200mm ~ 3000mm
Resolution of depth images 320x240, 640x480, 640x400 (Wide angle*1) 8bit
*1 customization required
Stereo color image resolution 620x240、1280x400、1280x480、2560x720 (Left and right image)
Power 5V/500mA, 5V/600mA
Lens Type Type A (PID 100) /w IR Cut Filter
Type B (PID 101) /wo IR Cut Filter
aeroTAP 3D USB Camera GS (6cm base line)
Product Name aeroTAP 3D USB Camera GS80
Interface USB2.0/3.0, MIPI connector USB3.0  MicroUSB female terminal
UVC Video Device Name aeroTAP 3D GS USB Camera
Vendor ID nextEDGE Technology
Camera head weight 43g
Sensor resolution, Size 1280x960, 1/3
EFL(Effective Focal Length) 2.03mm
FNO 2.0±5%
View angle FOV (DEG), Diagonal 84.8°(H), 69.4°(V),98.4°
TV-Distortion ≦ 1.0%
Depth measurement range 250mm ~ 4500mm
Measurable range of depth 640x480, 1280x720 Max 14bit
Resolution of depth images 1280x480, 2560x720, 2560x960 (Left and Right image)
Power 5V/500mA, 5V/800mA
Lens Type Dual Band IR Cut Filter ( 650±10nm, 850nm )
Kit contents:
  • aeroTAP DOE Projector
  • USB Power convertor switch
  • USB Cable (Power only)
Projector Head and Mount part can be separated.
Due to integrate to other system by a nut.
Important: The head and the mount of the camera is firmly set together.
Important: Damage as a result of reformation by user will not be guaranteed.
The USB power converter switch to toggle USB power can be disassembled and directly connected to 3V power such as GPIO to control.
Important: Connector terminal is not compatible with GPIO connector so you will have to convert it.
Important: Damage as a result of development will not be guaranteed.

Comparison of aeroTAP 3D USB camera and aeroTAP3D USB GS camera

Usage comparison
aeroTAP 3D USB 3cm baseline aeroTAP 3D USB GS 6cm Baseline
connecting to USB2.0, for smart devices with low CPU consumption,such as IoT device connecting to USB3.0, for smart device that needs more detailed depth data
for aeroTAP touchless interface (one person) For gaming, counting people, object detection

Comparison with competitive products

Capturing the same object (about 1M from camera) simultaneously with 2 cameras.
RAW data both 1280x720 Depth Map
Left image is an output result of aeroTAP 3D GS, the right is Intel D435i
1m from the camera

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