A necklace style headset which you can wear all the time...

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Concept of the Necklace design ( our original Design )

Necklace design

This light necklace styled headset is easy to put on/off the ear pieces with the headset kept handing on your neck.

Simple Design

Bluetooth head part of the headset is designed very simple so you can push the button easily.

English and Japanese voice guidance

Supports both English and Japanese voice guidance.

Functions and Features

Play music, call/answer, remote shutter

Optional cable connection

When the battery gets low, you can connect the cable and continue enjoying music.

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MOQ from 2K


~ Wear the music anytime ~

Color Variation

We provide variety of colors.

aeroTAP Wireless Necklace Headset Features

Speaker Driver 8mm Dynamic Speaker
DCR 16ohm
Bluetooth Version 4.1
Earphone Cable 1.5mm Copper cable
Frequency response 20Hz~ 20KHz
Earphone sensibility 105db
THD(Total Harmonic Distortion) Less than 0.1
Playback time 6~7Hours
Time to fully charge 2 hours


Please contact us for OEM/Buyer/Distributors.
MOQ from 2K