aeroTAP Evolution!

Maximize the function of aeroTap, aeroTAP 3D USB camera launching!


With aeroTAP Touchless interface, you can interact with devices by displaying the palm of your hand toward the webcam. aeroTAP works with any existing application and it can be prepared by simply connecting a generic Web camera to a regular PC. aeroTAP allows users to interact with simple gestures without using mouse or keyboard.

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aeroTAP Touchless Interface Functionality:

ArrowNo special application required

Able to use existing application.

ArrowVarious devices selection will be available

Web camera, Infrared camera, Twin-lens camera, Kinect, Leap Motion etc. (*1)

ArrowMinimizing CPU resource consumption

Design that suppress unnecessary consumption of CPU, memory and resource.

*1) Support any but aeroTAP 3D USB Camera will be in a special way in the latest version.

Maximize the function by using a dedicated 3D camera for aeroTAP!

aeroTAP enables maximize the function by connecting a dedicated 3D camera.

Interact at close range - pointing by fingertip

Interact at long range - pointing by the palm of your hand

Multi-hand operation for 3D content navigation

Interface assistanct features( Gestures, Virtual Buttons )

Operation range filtering by distance, interactive function by object detection

* A dedicated 3D camera for aeroTAP had introduced and displayed in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016


aeroTAP Ver. 5 Preview

aeroTAP Evolutiion Ver. 5.48 Released
aeroTAP Evolutiion Ver. 5.42 Released
aeroTAP Evolutiion Ver. 5.22 Released
aeroTAP Evolutiion Ver. 5.20 Released
aeroTAP Evolutiion Ver. 5.17 Released
aeroTAP Evolutiion Ver. 5.10 Released
aeroTAP3D USB Camera/aeroTAP Ver.5 Start delivering to business partners
Pre-order aeroTAP 3D camera at CAMPFIRE start
aeroTAP site renewal
A dedicated 3D camera for aeroTAP had displayed in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016
aeroTAP Hybrid 4.0 initialing distribution (the first release of Hybrid version)
aeroTAP Hybrid 4.0 initialing distribution (the first release of Hybrid version)
Press release at TCI on 20th October in 2009
aeroTAP 1.0 Public Beta Version
Test operation of aeroTAP Web site start

Touchless Interface

Touchless gesture from a remote location to interact with large display. Switching contents will be available in response to user’s motion.

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Interactive Digital Contents

Interactive digital contents with aeroTAP technology will be provided.

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Medical and Healthcare Devices

aeroTAP touchless interface supports operations of devices in the field of advanced medical technology.

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aeroTAP touchless interface supports presentation , electronic blackboard and video conference system.

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