3D content Development by aeroTAP 3D USB Camera!

Skelton Tracking SDK is now available!

Developer Support aeroTAP SDK (Free)

aeroTAP SDK is available for developer to develop application using aeroTAP 3D Camera for Windows platform.
By using aeroTAP SDK, you can obtain Color image and Depth Map in RAW data, Setereo RAW and Ractify data, smoothing Depth Map. SDK also provides Palm tracking , Nearest point tracking functions.
SDK includes several sample code (C++) to use.

Obtain Depth Map from aeroTAP3D USB camera

Object detection from depth map

Palm tracking

>> aeroTAP SDK User's Guide

aeroTAP OpenNI2 Driver (Free)

By using OpenNI2 drvier, you can run and develop several applications which supports RGBD sensor. For example, PCL(Point Cloud Library), SLAM, RTABMap supports OpenNI2 driver and aeroTAP 3D Camera works with them.
Here is information about aeroTAP OpenNI2 Driver and settings.

a) Downloads the latest driver from aeroTAP_OpenNI2.zip, then extract it.
b) Executable sample program is located in Bin/Win-x64 and Bin/Win-x32 Folders.
i.e. Run SimpleView.exe to check camera connection and settings.

Note: You may need to install Visual Studio 2015 Redistributables to run sample program.

Note:When using OpenNI2 for aeroTAP 3D Camera, you need to edit OpenNI.ini and set aeroTAP to [Device' section.

aeroTAP OpenNI2 drvier includes Ubuntu x64, Raspberry Pi2/3, Dragonboard 410c用 versions.

x64-Release For Ubuntu x64

Arm-Release For Raspberry Pi2/3

aarch64-Release For Dragonboard 410c

Important: For Linux environment, you need to copy lib*.so files to library path or set environment LD_LIBRARY_PATH using export LD_LIBRARY_PATH command.

Version History

Editing aeroTAP.ini file to custom settings

By editing aeroTAP.ini file, you can customize aeroTAP OpenNI2 for your application and purpose.

Parameter and Default valueDescription
Filter=1If you want to use RAW depth map data, modify the value to 0. ( Ex. PCL or RTABMap )
i.e: Filter=0
CamNo=0If you have multiple aeroTAP USB Camera connected, set camera No using this parameter. For example, if you want to use 2nd camera,
i.e.: CamNo=1
Rotate=1If you wan to use camera with 90°Rotated, set Rotate valute to 1. Ourput resolution is still VGA
i.e.: Rotate=1
Windows OS Only
Mirror=1If you wan to obtain mirrored image, set value 1. Image mirroing is supported by OpenNI2 API, but you application is not support it, you can use aeroTAP.ini to set mirror image.
or for GS
Set camera resoluton. aeroTAP OpenNI2 driver out put resolution is always 640x480(VGA), regardless of camera setting.
aeroTAP 3D USB supports QVGA(320x240), VGA(640x480), *WVGA(640x400)
aeroTAP 3D USB GS supports VGA(640x480), HD(1280x720)
*If your camera enabled WVGA

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NuiTrack for aeroTAP (Free and Fee)

aeroTAP3D USB /w nuiTrack SDK
Nuitrack™ for aeroTAP is a 3D tracking middleware developed by 3DiVi Inc. This is a solution for skeleton tracking and gesture recognition, which enables capabilities of Natural User Interface (NUI) on Windows, and Linux. Nuitrack™ framework is multi-language and cross-platform. Nuitrack™ APIs include the set of interfaces for developing applications, which utilize Natural Interaction.

■ Full body Skeleton Tracking (19 Joints)
■ (Max. 6 Skeletons, Default 2 Skeletons)
■ Gesture Recognition
■ Face Tracking ( Gender, Age, Emotions )
■ Unity Plugin
■ Supports aeroTAP 3D USB Camera(3cm Baseline), aeroTAP 3D USB GS Camera ( 6cm Baseline )
■ Supports Windows 7,8,10 32Bit/64Bit

>> More of NuiTrack for aeroTAP

PCL ( Point Cloud Library )

Game Cursor

Application detects and tracks nearest object using Depth Map and control mouse cursor. You can play Fruit Ninja and other applications by air.

» Watch video

Face Cursor

Application using aeroTAP SDK to detect face. it control mouse cursor by face.

3D Blue and Red Eye Glass

Genera 3D image from stereo view.

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Wrapper for Openframeworks

Simple wrapper for Openframeworks

ECS (Environment Control System)

Tool to controle TV or Smartphone from aeroTAP called envPAD.exe

User can customize and edit menu and device list.

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PCL Grabber

Grab points data from two aeroTAP 3D Camera at the same time.

AR Drone 2.0

Navigate AR Drone controller running on PC by aeroTAP. Hand tracking.

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