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Purchase aeroTAP 3D USB Camera/ NuiTrack for aeroTAP SDK

aeroTAP 3D USB
(3cm base line)

Recommended for touchless interface.
USB 2.0/3.0

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(6cm base line)

Recommended for 3D scanning.
Supports USB 2.0/3.0 but 3.0 is recommended.

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aeroTAP DOE projector

For environments that are dark and without texture.
USB2.0 power or from aeroTAP 3D GS camera.
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NuiTrack for aeroTAP

Skeleton Tracking SDK for aeroTAP 3D Camera

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For commercial use of aeroTAP evo (touchless interface), Professional license is required.
For Professional license or volume purchase, please Contact us .

Download aeroTAP evo

How to Activate the License

License is required to use aeroTAP evo (Touchless Interface) Professional and NuiTrack for aeroTAP (Skeleton Tracking Middleware).
A license will be granted to the camera ( each camera will have different license).

After you download the Activation tool, activate the license for your camera with the following steps:
1. Run Activation program
2. Connect camera and check serial number
3. Click [Check] button to activate and apply the license

Important: You need to notify Serial Number when purchasing the license.

Important: Please create account information and register your device.

>> Download Activation Tool

aeroTAP evo Tutorial / Setting samples


  • About aeroTAP 3D camera
    • How to obtain Serial Number of aeroTAP 3D Camera?
      you can use a tool CheckSerial.exe to check Serial Number and FW version.
    • Warranty period for aeroTAP 3Dcamera?
      Warranty period of the camera will be one year from the purchase.
    • Possibility for application development?
      It is possible to develop application by using aeroTAP SDK. Please refer to Developer Page for more detail information.
  • About aeroTAP Touchless Interface
    • Operatable distance from camera
      Operation range by default is from 40cm to 170cm. You can change it between 30cm to 400cm.
    • What is the predetermined distance suitable for the operation?
      Fix the distance so the subject's waist and above is clearly displayed by camera. For more technical information, please refer to aeroTAP Technical Information
    • The difference of license
      aeroTAP License cames with aeroTAP 3D USB camera. For commercial use, please ask Professional license. Please check the link "The difference of license".
    • Can I use generic web camera?
      No. aeroTAP now only works with aeroTAP 3D camera.


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